Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about us look no further!
If your questions are not answered in our FAQ contact us through the contact page.

How do i buy stuff ? Where is the webshop? (click and you head on over there). This is the address, please visit:

Why do you have a “Free” category in the webshop?
Yes i see what you mean, these are a Lagniappe (yeah i know..look it up!) items!
It is a no cost token item from us to you, to thank you for placing your order and trust in us!

What this means is that you can add 1 pcs of 1 type of our “lagniappe” items for free with your order of other paid-for-items.
– If you add more than 1 pcs or types still only one will be sent.
– If you add 2 or more (which you should not) Lagniappe items only 1 will be sent after our choosing.
– Lagniappe items might run out and because the stock is not kept as exact than our other products we will then surprise you with an other free item of our choosing suitable for us at that time.
So take the chance to boost your order with a free item!

Why are all text etc in English, I thought you were Swedish?
Correct, we are Swedish, but we have so many customers from all over the world that this way it is more manageable for both them and us.

What Payment alternatives do you have? Do you accept VISA / MasterCard / and other credit cards? Klarna? Swish?
We offer a integrated payment alternative that offers a great deal of cards like VISA, MasterCard etc.
We also offer Faktura and pay later options through Klarna.
For countries outside of EU we offer PayPa as alternative.

All payment alternatives are for free – 0 SEK!

What is the shipping cost?
The shipping cost is a flat rate price, disregarding size of your order!
The larger your order the more value from this flat rate you will have.
Within Sweden there a shipping cost of 36 SEK for the general public
and 240 SEK for businesses.

Shipping alternative for countries outside Sweden = 184 SEK.
Swedish Post (Postnord) Worldwide = First class mail / Air mail .

Frakt med Postnord – Brevpost / Varubrev / Paket.
Fraktalternativ för order inom Sverige är 36 kr för privatpersoner!
Fraktalternativ för företag är 240 Kr.

When do you send my order?
Orders are generally sent within 3-4 days but we never let anything lay and will ship as soon is possible.

During holidays, National holidays, Easter, Red-Days, Due to summer vacations etc  in June – August, December expect the webshop closed or if open up to 1 weeks for handling, shipping your order and answers on e-mail and in social medias.

Who can buy?
We sell to everybody and to all countries if not prohibited by Swedish law or discouraged by foreign affairs department. Overseas Military Mail (the APO/FPO address system) has been used for customers stationed and serving.

Where do i find “Return policy” and “Terms & conditions”
This info is available in the webshop at every product and includes the EU Commission ODR link according to law.

Is there a minimal order value required to place an order?
Yes, sorry but we cant handle orders below 150 SEK.

I live outside Sweden can I order?
Yes no problem, we ship to almost all countries. (See “Who can buy” above).
Note you need to understand what laws (if any) corresponds for import of IR patches to your country.

If I have trouble placing an order, what should I do?
You can always use the contact form or direct e-mail and we will help you sort your order out.

The webshop link does not work what does this mean?
This is the message we can display when our webshop is closed, yes we do close the webshop during summer holidays sometimes weeks at a time during June – August, normal holidays, when unexpected things turn up etc so do not be disheartened but return and check us out from time to time.
If you sign up to subscribe to our newsletter here you will in the future be informed of opening etc and usually you get a hint on our Facebook when summer closure is near.

How is the order shipped?
We always use Swedish Post First class air mail or package.
Larger orders are always traceable/tracking number.

What about payment to customs in my country?
In most / some countries the customs charge the buyer, we can not influence this in any way and always states the value of the order on the Customs label.

I never heard of Tac-Up Gear before do you have any references?
Yes, Just Google us!
We started in 2006 and our products was rapidly spread all over the world and the talk about Us spread on different forums because we provided unique products and thought outside the box regarding our designed equipment.
We are currently mentioned in various places on the net and we now have more than 12500 supporters on Facebook, over 170000 views on YouTube!

Our products are used and can be seen in Police and Armed Forces environment both Swedish and Foreign and also We have  been professionally reviewed, talked about and seen in several different magazines and sites.

Is this genuine Swedish Armed Forces Products?

Do you sell officially directly to the Swedish Armed Forces, FMV and FMLOG ie are you a sourced provider of items to them?
Not sourced as such, but smaller of the shelves orders have been made by them during the years so in a way we are delivering products to Försvarsmakten.

Is there a physical store where you can shop?
No, only web store. The order is always sent by post from warehouse, no exceptions.
Please visit our webshop to order.

Do you accept special custom-made orders and sizes of you products?

Do you sell camouflage fabric per meter, M90, M90 AW and M90K ?
No, we only have made products, Sorry No fabric!

What about the different camouflages in the webshop they look familiar are they original?
We use many factories for our manufacturing and all of them have a wide range of their own made “no name” camouflage which is similar but not same both in color and pattern to the most popular patterns available.  We have a range of such camouflage products and have named them after our own liking and also use explaining text that hints the similar “original” pattern such as “Multicamo type” och “Multicamo´ish” etc in purpose to give the viewer a chance to find a suitable nyance camouflage product in this color range.
Therefore you will possibly recognize patterns like “Woodland” that we name “Forest camo” because it is not original “Woodland camouflage” or “Dragon” for Kryptecísh pattern.

My size is not among the products you sell, what can be done about that?
Sorry, what we have in stock is what can be ordered. This is part of our small batch and unique items philosophy, many of our customers act immediately when we release new gear because they now we run out of the best sizes really quick. The tip here is to sign up with your email i the webshop to be able to receive info

Why do you have so few items in the store?
We are a small company and like the idea of having a small stock of odd products instead of having items everybody else sell.
Also do not forget to check under all categories, not all items are shown at the landing page..even that it states “all products”… we are on the webshop provider about that one..!

I saw an item earlier but it is not there any more, will you have it in stock again?
Possibly not, perhaps if the item was a patch, but we are always looking for new products and if you missed a product there is a chance that it is gone forever, therefore be sure to order your gear asap if it is in stock! Please visit the webshop!

My company want to be a re-seller of Tac-Up Gear products what should i do?
Contact us with your questions regarding being a re-seller, there are certain terms involved.
There has been several tactical companies both in Sweden and foreign that has acted as reseller of our products!

Is it unlawful to wear your gear in my country?
That we can not answer or be held responsible for, it is totally up for the customer to be sure that he/she will not break any local/domestic laws or uniform code.

Can i order anything from the webshop?
Not all items can be ordered to address outside Sweden, this is clearly stated in the product text, if you still order such item you will be sent similar product instead after our discretion. Please if you live outside of Sweden do not order such products to avoid unnecessary disappointment, there will be no refunds.

What is the – Mosquito Repellant Finishing on some of your  gear?
From factory the fabric is coated in Permethrin to decrease the risk of biting insects, this is clearly stated in product description, on hang tag on the product and on the sewn label! Usage of Permethrin are common in outdoor gear like mosquito netting etc and also for example in in US and British uniform clothing.

Please note you must also respect the environment – Permethrin is toxic for Cats and Fish (water source), do not expose them for this clothing, we also advise you to clean your treated clothes at a cleaner that has professional cleaning equipment to minimize the Permethrin getting in to the local water.

We want you to understand this but leave it up to you as customer to honor the above info.
Remember the products were made for usage in deployed environments with disease-spreading insects and not for unnecessary use. Please read more about Permethrin to get more information before making up your own mind:

Tac-Up Gear AB disclaims itself from unlawful or irresponsible use of our Permethrin clothing or gear.

Will you ever have plain color products?
Possibly in the future you will find some of our popular products also in “one” color, but focus is on the M90 Camouflage.

Why are you also seen selling on E-bay with different price than in the webshop?
We sometimes sell 2:nd grade products and sometimes also new items on E-bay to reach more customers, the prices might differ but generally not, and not intentionally if not 2:nd grade.

How can I get in touch with you?
We answer e-mails as soon we can, but there must be said that we are only human beings and that we are not always online, have time off, vacations etc.

Why do you not have any phone number?
That is because this store is run on a part-time hobby basis.
We have “normal” jobs as well and cannot be reached during normal working hours, we respond to e-mail as soon as possible.

What items are you thinking of producing in the future?
This is hard to answer you just have to follow and like us in our social medias (see links above) to be able to see what comes next!

How did it all start?
Tac-Up Gear Sandgren Design (Today named  Tac-Up Gear AB) was started in early 2006 as a result of frustration over missing recon/jungle type headgear in M90 camouflage, after a bit of drawing the Bush Hat was born, the registering of the company and the web-store all followed, and from then it has been small steps to gain a market around the world with customers as far away as Japan, USA, South Africa, Argentine and Australia.

What makes Tac-Up Gear special; there are lots of similar web-stores?
We only produce products that we ourselves would like to have made and at the same time bridge overlooked gaps in the wide world of equipment, filling a void in the tactical-community but with a channeled focus on Swedish Armed Forces M90 camouflage.

Why Swedish M90 camouflage?
We are based in Sweden and it feels natural to focus on our country’s camouflage, which is among the most outstanding camouflage of all times but you will also from time to time find other type of camouflage products in our webshop like Multicam etc when we now after 12 years (2018) are leaving our comfort zone and are trying several new camouflages.

Is this a big company?
No, It is a small one, this is all “one man show” but it is driven by passion and the business standard is set high.

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