Released, JÄGARE Tab Pin, our latest excellent and good looking JÄGARE pin!

The idea came up from watching similar tab pin but with text RANGER seen on e-bay. I was wondering if a similar tab could be made, perhaps a bit larger and with the elite Swedish military JÄGARE text and layout instead.

The feel of the pin would also be so fine that it would be suited to wear on dinner jackets etc.
Starting the idea i contacted a factory and described my thoughts, as always with manufacturing there will be some bumps in the road but this time they took my project to heart and discussions were made. The end result was stunning! the little or not so little pin tab cam out extremly nice with its shining gold and reflecting emerald black.

The pin soon got pocitive feedback and a few has been delivered outside Sweden as well!  What i know of they have been used as gifts to former Swedish JÄGARE (RANGERS) and has been received well.

This was truly another idea that came to life after much work but what i know of no other such pin exists today and that really makes it stand out as a unique Tac-Up Gear item.

Unique Jägare pin in gold and black, excellent for your suite

Unique Jägare pin in gold and black, excellent for your suite

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