The Fan Dance. AEE SF Test March

The Fan Dance. AEE SF Test March Intro Small unit tactics, missions and endeavours have always fascinated me somehow and reading about such elite forces one is bound to come across the “Special Air Service” – SAS, “Special Boat Squadron” – SBS and more. I can´t name them all, the… Continue reading

Survival Magazin

Yesterday i received through the post a German Outdoor magazine called “Survival Magazin” and in one of the folds (which” was marked for my attention there is a picture and short text featuring TUG´s popular Tarp/Poncho M90! I had never read one of these “Survival Magazin” before and my German… Continue reading

10 Tactical Recommendations!

Sites with tactical gear and news!

10 Tactical Recommendations you should not miss! So you´re interested in recommendations for the creme de la creme of Tactical – webshops and sites? Alright, let me share with you some my personal favorites which is in my humble opinion the best and most interesting places to visit and you… Continue reading

Release Patches – Jägare, Sweden Flag

Sweden flag patch

Release Patches – Jägare, Sweden Flag Check out these new patches in stock for immediate shipment! So there have been some time now since we had a patch release and with this announcement you find two brand new hook patches in the webshop! First up the JÄGARE tab in desert… Continue reading