New Caps!

Spring is coming along and with it the sun!
When the sun hits you after a long winter and a spring that have been held back longer than expected, surley you start digging in your closet after your “good old cap” and sunglasses only to realize you pensioned your cap after the last season and now you dont have favourite one any more.

We will help you get a new one with our recent release, presenting two excellent and very nice looking Baseball caps!

The Mesh Cap Black and Grey brings thoughts to warm summer, beach, shorts and tank top and general wear and the fantasticly colored Baseball Cap Blue speaks of Golf, Sport, EDC wear and would function also if you are wearing a shirt and are dressed up more for example!

Regardless of them both wear the distinct TAC-UP GEAR Viking ship embroidered on it!
If you want to read more, just head on over to the HATS section in the webshop!
Welcome to visit the webshop!

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