Flags – Nordic and more!

Recently we started to look into flags for other countries etc as small patches.
It had over time become a small topic or trend were people contacted me over Instagram DM and email asking for more Nordic flag patches and even though i had had similar thoughts thru the years it had never become a reality.

It was time and in the end i choose to have the Nordic flags made as small patches with hook backing so that they easily can be used on, caps, rucksacks, arm etc. Many people living in Sweden have strong connection to our nearest neighboring countries for one thing and the other commerce between the Nordic countries are strong and feels pretty much border free.

Talking about trade / commerce, one upon a time there was a trade union between Norway and Sweden and for some years late 1800´s to early 1900´s there was a special flag / sign used for the vessels in this union and also those flags we now have as patches, they came out really nice indeed!

I hope you will visit the webshop and check them out!
Currently i am working on more flags and will broaden the horizon a bit to other countries as well so keep an eye out for more news during this spring!

Thank you for readig and have a great day! //Martin

Norway – Sweden Union Flag
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