How to use the Field Tarp/Poncho M90

Field tarp Poncho M90 in poncho mode

How to use the Field Tarp/Poncho M90 The Tap/Poncho was a project thought up by Tac-Up Gears creator Martin which wanted to incorporate a tarp, bivybag and pocho into one product. The result became a thicker, sturdier and heavier piece than are usually found on the market. The product is… Continue reading

Survival shelter in France and more!

Drip drop on the outstreched tarp

Survival shelter in France and more! One late summer day a French survivalist contacted us asking questions about our Field Tarp Poncho M90. It was so that he intended to go to into the French woods to field test some gear and wanted to try the tarp out as well… Continue reading

Storage in the field – M90

Compression Sack M90 in Swedish autumn nature.

Storage in the field! – Compression sack M90 – Dry Sack WR M90 – Small bag WR M90 When the NCWR fabric was manufactured there were more products in line for it than only the Jacket… I wanted to create some bags and sacks for storage of your stuff in… Continue reading

Field Boonie Hat M90 – from Bush to Boonie!

Field Boonie Hat M90 in Swedish forest

Field Boonie Hat M90 – from Bush to Boonie! Inspired of US , Australian and British forces brimmed –cut-bush hats we created our own very first product type called simply: Bush Hat… much have happend since then! We also had a type of boonie hat early on in the same… Continue reading

Photoshoot 2014

Never without our toilete / Necessär Bag M90

Photoshoot 2014! Read about our sunny desert Photoshoot early in the year! We had the fortune to be within the reach of a desert during the start of 2014 while many still was waist deep in snow. It was an excellent photo opportunity four our gear. Seen in the pictures… Continue reading

New Scrim Scarfs in the webshop

Scrim Scarf OD

New Scrim Scarfs in the webshop! At last now we have released our batch of scrims in colors, Desert Tan, OD, Black/OD, M90 type. Brand new and exiting scrims released in the web shop, and we immediately fancied them all! During our 2013 Autumn Photoshoot we focused on getting som… Continue reading

Cover and Compression!

Compression Sack M90 in Swedish autumn nature.

Cover and Compression! Exiting News in our product line! Standby, Standby…GO! Release! Yes finally … we now have our sought after new products in stock for immediate shipping! Visit the webshop to place your order for our new Rucksack cover M90, Compression sack M90, Goggle cover M90 and upgrade your… Continue reading