Photoshoot Summer 2014 Field Trousers

Photoshoot 2014 Field Trousers Desert full frontal

Photoshoot Summer 2014 Field Trousers During the summer of 2014 we will release our new line of…. Field trousers in M90K Desert pattern and of course during a period, we made some photoshoots both kitted out and more subtle pictures! If you like them you can read more about the… Continue reading

Photoshoot 2014 Part 2

Bloodtype patch in desert

Photoshoot 2014 Part 2. We left the dunes and headed out inot the moonlike mountainious region for out part 2 Photoshoot 2014! Getting a bit up the slopes the picture of our Blood type patch and Swedish flag patch was taken, these two patches both have hook backing and is… Continue reading

Photoshoot 2014

Never without our toilete / Necessär Bag M90

Photoshoot 2014! Read about our sunny desert Photoshoot early in the year! We had the fortune to be within the reach of a desert during the start of 2014 while many still was waist deep in snow. It was an excellent photo opportunity four our gear. Seen in the pictures… Continue reading