Release Patches – Jägare, Sweden Flag

Sweden flag patch

Release Patches – Jägare, Sweden Flag Check out these new patches in stock for immediate shipment! So there have been some time now since we had a patch release and with this announcement you find two brand new hook patches in the webshop! First up the JÄGARE tab in desert… Continue reading

JÄGARE Tab Green/Black PVC

PVC JÄGARE Pacth mounted on Field Shirt M90, also seen is Bloodtype Patch!

JÄGARE Tab Green/Black PVC Following up on our quest for more interesting patches in the PVC theme we decided to make a patch in military green and black featuring the Swedish elite JÄGARE Tab in its reinstated I22/K4/K3 layout and size. PVC patches are excellent for accentuating your gear or… Continue reading

Sweden Subdued Flag OPS PVC Patches

Sweden Flag OPS PVC Desert, Green and Black/Grey

Sweden Subdued Flag OPS PVC Patches. We recently started to look into the PVC/Rubber patches that is more and more common in the world forces arsenal of patches! In a way such patches has a history of being a type of morale patches but are now becoming more accepted and… Continue reading

UN – Patches for recognition!

UN Patch Large Desert scenery

United Nations – UN Patches for recognition! A year ago we decided that our patch line needed a set of bright blue United Nations patches. I wanted two sizes one small and one large and the shape became rectangular. I figured both needed to have hook backing for easy on… Continue reading

Photoshoot 2014 Part 2

Bloodtype patch in desert

Photoshoot 2014 Part 2. We left the dunes and headed out inot the moonlike mountainious region for out part 2 Photoshoot 2014! Getting a bit up the slopes the picture of our Blood type patch and Swedish flag patch was taken, these two patches both have hook backing and is… Continue reading

JÄGARE 2014 tab Patch

Jägare Tab Patch Black Green 2014 with Velcro

JÄGARE 2014 tab patch now released! During this summer we have released this new and great looking JÄGARE tab patch. Military green and black, the global subdued colors of miltype pathces everywhere, so what is this all about? lets check it out! The world famous RANGER tab was adopted in… Continue reading

IR Patch Swedish Flag Release

Sweden Flag IR Patch Black/Grey

IR Patch Swedish flag release in both subdued and normal version! Both patches was released for sale during late summer 2013. Highly sought after IR patches in military style in a size that could be stated as large. The patches will be excellent as shoulder, body armour or rucksack patch… Continue reading