Release Patches – Jägare, Sweden Flag

Sweden flag patch

Release Patches – Jägare, Sweden Flag Check out these new patches in stock for immediate shipment! So there have been some time now since we had a patch release and with this announcement you find two brand new hook patches in the webshop! First up the JÄGARE tab in desert… Continue reading

The need for patches!

Reconnecting to our post with the new mug´s and cup´s these 5 new patches was supposed to be released together with them, hence the JÄGARE (Ranger) theme, but anyway here they are now, major release today! The need for additional tab patches has been told to us many many times… Continue reading

New Mug´s, Folding Cup´s in JÄGARE theme.

The grey mug with blach and green JÄGARE print is crazy hard to photo, here it looks almost silverish, a twist of light only!

As you probably know we have under many years provided patches and products in the JÄGARE (Ranger) theme and it has been a bit controversial because of its proud wearers have earned their badges through tough selection and have required a lot of effort and in most cases they have… Continue reading

JÄGARE Tab Green/Black PVC

PVC JÄGARE Pacth mounted on Field Shirt M90, also seen is Bloodtype Patch!

JÄGARE Tab Green/Black PVC Following up on our quest for more interesting patches in the PVC theme we decided to make a patch in military green and black featuring the Swedish elite JÄGARE Tab in its reinstated I22/K4/K3 layout and size. PVC patches are excellent for accentuating your gear or… Continue reading

JÄGARE tab yellow black Patch

Jägare Tab Patch Yellow Black with Velcro

 JÄGARE tab yellow black Patch New release! Our patch in bright yellow and black in traditional design. We do not compromise when it comes to the excellence of patches and this tab is no exemption! It comes with or without hook backing and fits nicely on arm or bag. If… Continue reading