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United Nations – UN

Patches for recognition!

A year ago we decided that our patch line needed a set of bright blue United Nations patches.
I wanted two sizes one small and one large and the shape became rectangular.

I figured both needed to have hook backing for easy on off during deployment and also the coloration of the blue would need to be as exact to the United Nations blue as possible and a simple font had to make do as the lettering.

Actually the idea was not sprung by itself; a few customers during the years had contacted us checking to see if there was a chance for United Nations patches because they found themselves on UN deployment from time to time.

Taking the step to add these patches to our range was not done hastily, having people contact us that are willing to put themselves in harms way so that others can have peace is not to be taken lightly – and also the the trust the customers showed us when asking to have these patches when plenty is already available we also took pride in!

During the thinking process I decided to make the small patch in same size as the Swedish Armed Forces uniform flag patch 3,9 x 2,6 cm, that is a rather small patch suitable for caps, breast pockets etc, not overly distinct and visible so there was a vacum for a larger patch also.

The larger UN patch size became same as our Large Flag patch 7,5 x 4,5 cm, a more visible patch suitable for helmets, rucksacks, arms etc.

They are available here!

In the end both UN patches turned out well and later we did see the customers that had asked for such patches actually ordered them, it is our hopes that they came to use in a peacekeeping environment!

Available in the webshop!

Enjoy the pictures below!

Field Jacket M90 with full UN loadout

Field Jacket M90 with full UN loadout

UN Patches

UN Patches

UN Patch Large during Photoshoot

UN Patch Large during Photoshoot

UN Patch Large Desert scenery

UN Patch Large Desert scenery

UN Patch large on a Field Jacket M90

United Nations Patch Large on a Field Jacket M90

UN Patch Small

UN Patch Small on a Field Cap M90

UN Patch Large

United Nations Patch Large with desert boot

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