NCWR Jacket – the return

NCWR Jacket M90 – The Return!

9 Years ago i started designing an upper garment that i wanted to have features suitable for the Nordic scenery, I wanted it to have a military look in line with TAC-UP GEAR´s concept and i needed it to have certain twists to it to make it differ and the result later became known as the Nordic Conditions Water Resistant Jacket M90!

Once the jacket was available to the market i could get no one to buy it – at all.. a year passed and something changed, suddenly the jacket became more and more popular and soon the favorite sizes where gone to all corners of the world like Japan and the USA. In the end they all were sold out and that is how the situation have looked now for many years.

Because i have such awesome customers feedback filtered back to me (and still does today) with wishes for changes and enhancements, asking when it will return to stock etc long after it no longer were available in the webshop, i noted as many tips as i could but challenges in sales and other focus like M90K Desert Trousers etc simply took over and there was no possibility to bring back the NCWR Jacket.

More currently i have begun going back to the core source of TUG and the green M90 and the NCWR Jacket was a statement piece that just had to have another comeback chance and In early 2017 i started to approach the factory in regards to new M90 camouflage products and with the NCWR theme Jacket as the main product.

I won´t bore you with to much history, yes it have almost gone two years since the start to finalize the jacket so at this time i put together a short clip looking at the changes and differences from the old jacket to the new etc. Note that the new Jacket in the clip and pictures is a prototype one and do not reflect the final product to 100% (for example not showing loop for patches on arm pocket lid´s) but it is what you can expect!
Please check the NCWR Jacket New vs Old clip below 😊

The Jacket will be made available these sizes:
XXL, XL, Large and Medium

The jacket has 10 pockets (6 on the outside and 4 on the inside) all zippers are YKK brand and at given points the zippers are sturdier than normally seen on this type of jacket around the globe and on the Swedish Armed Forces M90 Skalplagg jacket.

Snap Buttons are now used in a broader sense than earlier hook/loop and the jacket features 7 buttons at the front storm-flap (hidden) but also at arm ends for easy and snappy adjustments. Outer fabric is water resistant and anti IR printed camouflage, the inside lining is breathable, the seams are taped to enhance the waterproof/resistant feature.

The hood is made with sturdy peak using an elastic cord for adjustment and have extra loop fastening  piece on top for IR reflective and other recognition patches .

There is a cord at the mid area and also at the Jacket-end for adjustment to be able to keep “warm air” compartmentalized during colder weather.

I hope this jacket will find its way to many people enjoying the great outdoors be it on missions, relaxation or for adventures!

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NCWR Jacket M90 front view
Prototype picture of the NCWR Jacket M90
The hood is big and roomy.
Roomy hood to shield from wind and rain
A prototype picture of the NCWR Jacket.
NCWR Jacket M90 prototype
NCWR Jacket back view
Back view of the Jacket, hood raised
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