The Biggie and the Tarp

The Biggie and the Tarp story

Tarp M90 Light
After the initial Tarp Poncho product we released some years ago people started to ask for a ”trap only” product and because the earlier Tarp not only can work as a poncho but also had a zipper configuration for bivybag set up and it affect the weight somewhat so i wanted to make a new M90 camouflage Tarp that would be lighter and also bring it back to basics as a strict rectangle type Tarp.

The Tarp M90 Light is basically just that, a rectangle made in the same ripstop fabric with the Swedish M90 camouflage print as the newly released NCWR Jacket. The Tarp of course come with loops and eyelets evenly spaced on it so that it can be strung up and used as a basha / lone wolf sleeping camp etc outdoors at your favorite spot in the woods.

The size is the favorable 2×3 meter and it has taped seams on the inside were applicable and the weight including its stow away bag lands on 1,1 kilo.

You would be able to set it up and have one person with a large pack or two people side by side sleeping under it at the same time or to use it as shield from wind or, why not use as ground camouflage over packs and things.

I can even picture it being used as ground sheet during picnick and on the sandy beach.

Below you will find pictures and short clips to watch and if you want to order one it is available in the webshop here where you also find more info:
Tarp M90 Light

Who have not yet come in contact with IKEA? The Swedish mega company and it´s weirdly large and great shopping bags in blue and yellow?

That simple bag type was the inspiration to the Biggie Bag M90 but instead of shopping it was made with outdoors in mind, in a different fabric and of course it has the epic M90 camouflage.

This type of bag has a vast range of usefulness and just thinking of how the blue and yellow IKEA ones are seen used like for shopping, laundry, storing blankets and pillows, packed for easy holiday or weekend move to the cottage etc etc.

The Biggie is made in the same fabric as the Tarp M90 Light (NCWR fabric) and has taped seams inside so it can be placed on moist ground.

You need to check out the YouTube clips and product pictures to get another look at the bag but it is fair to say it is a basic large wide opening bag which can hold your excess large and soft / fluffy things like sleeping bags, clothes and such in the back of your car or when transporting stuff from a vehicle to a tent or a cabin etc.

Check it out in the pictures and clip´s below and visit the product page here for more info: BIGGIE BAG M90

Forest picture of a Tarp M90 Light
A Tarp M90 Light strung up as a basha
Using yelets on a Tarp M90 Light to string it up
The Tarp M90 Light has lots of eyelets and loops to use for stringing it up
Showing the Tarp M90 Light against Swedish forest scenery
The Tarp M90 Light blend in easily with the Swedish forest
Filled up Biggie Bag M90 in the Swedish forest
The Biggie Bag M90 filled and ready to go
Use the Biggie Bag M90 for your soft items like clothes, sleeping bag etc
It will easily hold your soft stuff like sleeping bag and camp pillow, clothes plus more items
An empty Biggie Bag M90 waiting to be stuffed by sleeping bag and more
Prepared to stow away the items seen to be easily carried in the Biggie Bag M90
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