TUG in Australia

The people reached by TUG never seize to amaze me and this specific mail started with a G´day and continued in that cheerful Aussie style that even we up north have come to like ( thanks to Crocodile Dundee 😉 just kidding….) So, check out these fantastic photos sent in… Continue reading

Cover and Compression!

Compression Sack M90 in Swedish autumn nature.

Cover and Compression! Exiting News in our product line! Standby, Standby…GO! Release! Yes finally … we now have our sought after new products in stock for immediate shipping! Visit the webshop to place your order for our new Rucksack cover M90, Compression sack M90, Goggle cover M90 and upgrade your… Continue reading

Phototshoot Winter!

Rucksack cover M90 in winter conditions

Phototshoot Winter! Tac-Up Gear was out last weekend in Swedish white wooded nature in nice -10 celsius. What came out of that was some new clips on Youtube and new pictures on our Facebook! If you like our items head on over to the webshop and order them asap before… Continue reading