Mind over Matter – 8 Years!

Field Boonie Hat M90 draped by Scrim net OD

Mind over Matter – 8 Years! Anno 2006 – 2014 – Still on the net, still live and kicking thanks to…. You! Well that must be said..! You guys and Girls out there have brought us forward during these 8 years! To be able to celebrate eight years on the… Continue reading

Cover and Compression!

Compression Sack M90 in Swedish autumn nature.

Cover and Compression! Exiting News in our product line! Standby, Standby…GO! Release! Yes finally … we now have our sought after new products in stock for immediate shipping! Visit the webshop to place your order for our new Rucksack cover M90, Compression sack M90, Goggle cover M90 and upgrade your… Continue reading

Still working on this site

Necessär Bag M90 in the Desert

We are still working on this site and have updated it with pictures etc so it is still under construction so to speak. Working on a blog takes way more time than could be expected, adding the managing of a webshop and you are in for a real workload! We… Continue reading

New products under Winter Spring 2012

Rucksack cover M90 in winter conditions

New products under Winter Spring 2012 TUG Have some new items coming during the Winter/Spring 2012! How about these new and exciting stuff, usable in the outdoors and for your military missions! Goggle Cover M90 Rucksack cover M90 Compression sack M90 We will get back with pictures in the near… Continue reading