Connecting the dots….!

Connecting the missing dots!

Connecting the dots….! Connecting the dots so to speak for a project is not always such a small feat, and when you start digesting the idea it inflates and can feel overwhelming at times but it is not impossible. The idea that at first sounded so simple requires in the… Continue reading

Swedish Ranger Battalion

So, i haven´t been posting for some time now but came across this new 10 min clip from the Swedish Ranger Battalion (Arméns Jägarbataljon) so for all of you that want a glimpse in that world check it out! Okay so it is in Swedish but you´ll get the hang… Continue reading

TUG in Australia

The people reached by TUG never seize to amaze me and this specific mail started with a G´day and continued in that cheerful Aussie style that even we up north have come to like ( thanks to Crocodile Dundee 😉 just kidding….) So, check out these fantastic photos sent in… Continue reading

Tactical IR Glint Square´s

If you followed our earlier quest for infra-red patches you have found as a result a couple of excellent Sweden flag related designs but this left open space for a more usable patch when country recognition is not an issue or need to be enhanced at night but rather to… Continue reading

Introducing Free products

Having had the webshop and TUG on the web now for 10 years i felt it was time to show appreciation back towards my customers so I introduced lagniappe items. The word “Lagniappe” has its roots from Louisiana French/Creole and the meaning (see wikipedia for more info) is an implemented… Continue reading