Connecting the dots….!

Connecting the dots….!

Connecting the dots so to speak for a project is not always such a small feat, and when you start digesting the idea it inflates and can feel overwhelming at times but it is not impossible. The idea that at first sounded so simple requires in the end a zillion middle thingy´s to be done and possibly that is where many ideas die out, get placed in a heap with other ideas or simply put on ice forever!

Often time and money are showstopper because ideas are the easy part but there can also be the different “hats” that needs to be put on to drive it (at least in a micro company) that precedes and dampens the process… so when you wake up in the morning what hat is on? are you the finance guy? the service owner of the webshop? or do you have another brilliant idea for a project after good nights sleep?

There must be a great number of ways to get it rolling and possibly they are bound to as we are different as persons but the simplest advice i can give for your project requires only pen and paper to get started and the mantra “what is next”.

Using the paper as a rectangle start writing down your idea far out on the left side and your goal on the farthest right side, now there is an empty space in the middle. Stare at the goal and think to your self.. how do i get to my goal? and how should the end result for my project look like? Lets say you need new tires for your car, getting into thinking of how in the end you have them on and how good they look when mounted and done, new gleaming rims, new black rubber tires etc.

This picture now starts to activate your thinking and you might end up a couple of or rather a series of bits/questions for your puzzle like, what garage will mount them? what do they cost? Do i need to book time long in advance? if the tires needs to be shipped will they come to me or directly to the garage? etc etc with all these “dots” you will be able to form a line of “what is next” and will also help you with your “hat” issue so that you will not toss and turn among them and with that i mean like What do they cost – Finance, How are they shipped – Service, Where do i find them? – Research and so on.

In this simple example for instance,  to reach your goal you probably would have to research online for tires, contact a garage to book a time etc, i am sure you get the drift but the final point is that when the project feels overwhelming write it up and dissect it and it will give you smaller pieces in the right order to execute to get there in the end!

Good luck with your projects!
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