Snigeldesign – a visit!

Snigeldesign – a visit!

I have said it before but the Ranger community reaches far far out there and through an Arctic Ranger brother who happens to work at Snigeldesign I now had the opportunity to come and visit in an informal behind the scene kind of way!

Never heard of Snigeldesign? Don’t worry, I have pasted some small content from their web page here to describe them but for the full story and all text in its intended context please visit through the link at the bottom, and any way this post is my view so to get more info you can just visit, like, follow and engage through their Instagram, Facebook, webshop etc.

I have known of Snigeldesign´s products from the early 2000´s when I needed some pouches and related gear to use in the Swedish Armed Forces (SAF) as a compliment to the issued kit, at that point I had little knowledge that the limited gear they provided to the general public, that i was able to see and buy was just one side of the company and that actually much design work and product development was made for SAF and other government agencies such as Police behind the scenes.

As all companies that start small there must be a drive (never give up kind of attitude) and of course talent, but you also need that bit of luck, the break that enables you to pursue your vision and projects further and as time went I believe that this was what happened to Snigeldesign.

Hearing that PH (The founder) “In 1977 I made my first backpack; it was a copy of the Swedish Army “Backpack” 35LK. I was 14 years old.” Put some perspective on the long-term drive and vision of this “Para” trained ranger (Fallskärmsjägare)!
and in the now, “We are steadily growing and continuously learning from our experiences and customer interaction. Today our assortment also includes ballistic products.” Really puts the mark of the progress of Snigel during all those long years!

Knocking at the door and being met and greeted with a hardy handshake and a smile from CR (My Arctic Ranger brother working at Snigel) I found myself standing in a showroom / counter sale together with two other Ranger brothers, where it was really easy to see and feel many of the more popular items like pouches, holder and packs. It needs to be said that in fact Snigeldesign has thousands of products if you count every last one of them and count different sizes etc but the showroom feel was great and totally enough in space and I guess that if I was in the Police I would probably find things I would need to boost my kit right there at easy reach.

Looking up and “being into backpacks” (as many are) there will always be a bit of angst seeing different sizes and color (read camouflage) so close up and side by side.. well frankly because you want to take them all with you home…

After some intro about the company and a cup of coffee (in a great cup by the way) CR took us on a tour through the warehouse premises, In and among the shelves we went, CR speaking as about the delivery and shipping of gear to various countries, the packaging from manufacturer etc. We often stopped and discussed products we saw on the shelves and it was great to see them up front in relation to web or folder type pictures which even how good they are on photos never can supplement the actual feel of the products.

In the heart of the building it was clear that the fonder PH even after all these years never left the passion of “ground work” starting from scratch with any new project being a small pouch or combat vest with a firmly placed working area close to the rolls of fabrics and sewing machines!
Continuing the tour we looked at the photo studio all the memorabilia of past creations way back through the years and of some started projects and product ideas put on hold or on ice. It was a great tour indeed that ended back into the cafeteria area to round it all off talking about the future and it was fantastic to hear about how they were getting more and more attention on the global market which have some really heavy players (companies) all competing for government and other contracts .

If you want to know more about this Swedish company you should follow the links below and check them out there, you will find the “About us” and “History” and all the gear available for you to order to tactically upgrade your kit!

Snigeldesign on Instagram
Snigeldesign – About Us
Snigeldesign – Webshop

Many thanks CR for letting a brother in behind the Snigeldesign scene!

Yoke for extra neck protection!

Multicam plate carrier and accessories.

Kitted out and good to go!

The showroom / shop, small but has a great assortment range.

One nicer than the other, Rucksacks in different sizes to fit your mission!

Camo or no camo, that is the question!

Plate carrier on display in the showroom.

Lots of different accessory pouches and holders!

The versatile Snigeldesign system!

Vests for your missions!

Even the lounge areas have a flare of the military!

Bag for the Swedish Armed Forces.

The unmistakable Snigel logo pic.

Gun-rack for testing poches, slings, holsters etc, and yes, they are not real guns.

Closeup on plate carrier side.

They also have service-belts for both trousers and pouches!

Camo Rucksack closeup!

It is easy to see where all the different products originate from!

Drink coffee in style as a visitor at Snigeldesign!

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