10 years of webshop

Just think of it.. its rather amazing that after ten years the vision of Tac-Up Gear is still a journey not unlike Livingstone´s expedition.

Ok so that was a rather bombastic start of this post and I am ranting a bit here but some of you have followed this store from the beginning and probably know what I mean! it has been a roller-coaster for sure!

To celebrate this 10-year occasion the people that have signed up (Following) the webshop have already received a special mail/message 😉 giving them a head start of the limited-weekend-special SALE that is going on right now (and ends evening 14 august Swedish time) and also a little extra for being a supporter!

If you are not registered “Following” the webshop just visit and sign up you email address to be able to receive these kind of messages/mails in the future with news, special treats etc!

Many, many thanks to all that have been positive and supportive through the years I hope you will continue to share our pictures and video clips, commenting, sending in pictures and content, and I am looking forward to another 10 years!


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