Webshop beginner Tips!

Webshop beginner Tips!

Tac-Up Gear was born one day 12 years ago and the plan was always to go into market through a online store and perhaps you are in the same position to do your own start up?

It´s worth mentioning that through the years a fantastic development in regards to webshops has occured so it is easier to be up and running, perhaps even in a day, but still here are my 10 general tips even if some feels old school!

  1. You must own a domain name, you should also be able to have email accounts set up. Think out a smart name for your business and see if it is available for use as a “.com”.
  2. Browse the web and pick a low cost webshop provider with good renomé.
  3. Sign up on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc.
  4. Stand out in regards of what product or service you will provide in your onlinestore, think ” what makes me different than the next guy?” and then roll with that.
  5. Make a simple timeline on a piece of paper for the next 6 months that shows what will happen when, releases, deadlines etc.
  6. Write down your “to do´s” and idea´s you never know when you get that extra great thought!
  7. Use all three medias and combine them to show the world your story/products – Text, Pictures and Video.
  8. Look at how other companys you look up to are doing things and try the same aproach!
  9. Never give up!
  10. And at last… try to have possible customers to visit your webshop! 🙂
Webshop 2016 “below the fold”
Webshop 2008
Webshop 2012
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