10 Tactical Recommendations!

10 Tactical Recommendations you should not miss!

So you´re interested in recommendations for the creme de la creme of Tactical – webshops and sites?
Alright, let me share with you some my personal favorites which is in my humble opinion the best and most interesting places to visit and you can make up your own mind if it is relevant in your quest for tactical gear and news!

Do not forget that many of the companys also have presence on Instagram, Facebook etc!
Ok here we go!

1. Rekyl – Managed by 3 Lappland Ranger brothers, this great trio does it most to help Swedish Armed Forces Veterans with funds from all sales and well that is… “ALL” sales! Webshop sale with a lot of focus on training shirts etc, visit and order. (Carry on, lead the way brothers!).

2. Snigel Design – Swedish company with a range of gear leaning towards carrying / pouches vests and such!
Wearable and durable gear, visit asap and place your order!

3. ColdSkills – Swedish company with in dept knowledge about the usage of gear in all kind of terrain bur of course experts in snow and the cold! Webshop but also a physical store near the Swedish elite FJS and K3 Ranger regiments which together with SOG is on the list of customers! Check them out!

4. Strike-Hold! –  Underlaying Airborne feel! Visit for news and interesting posts rangeing from SF and Guns to Airsoft.

5. Soldier Systems for a daily dosage military related info!

6. Varusteleka – Based in Finland, fast shipping and odd items!

7. Direct Action – Polish company with a multitude of bags and pouches amongst other stuff!

8. Militarykit – English managed, fast shipping and good gear!

9. Kit Bag – Australian webshop! get your aussie stuff here!

8. Försvarsmakten – Swedish Armed Forces homepage, you can always find news and pictures here!

Enjoy! //Martin

Sites with tactical gear and news!

Don´t miss these sites!

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