11800 Supporters on Facebook

11800 Supporters on Facebook!

Another milestone for Tac-Up Gear was breaking the 11800 supporter mark!

Having this much attention is great, infact it borders on insanity that we.. the small company Tac-Up Gear should reach 11800 supporters (Likes) on Facebook!
Despite this awsomness we are still struggling with getting the message trough that we also sell many of the gear you see in the pictures says founder Martin.

Logging in and check our FB page during the years have had is share moments of almost falling of the chair, there have been times when hundreds and hundreds have been “liking” our site during the night, a quite baffling experience and we thank you all for your support!

Getting this far has not come without a price, years and years of struggling to meet demands from our customers has really been a roller coaster!
We will continue to finding gaps in the inventories so you can continue to “tactically upgrade your gear”!

We receive many mails regarding products wanted by our customers, we say keep them coming.. its not like we are out of ideas more like it is excellent customer feedback on what the market is after!

Join us at FB here!

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11800K Celebration on Facebook

11800K Celebration on Facebook

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