Changes in sales..!

Changes in sales..!

During 2014 we will make some strategic moves and this is number two!

If you read this then you have ended up on our brand new site-home page and this was the first major move we did during this year.
Now it is time for another change and to be honest there is money involved (is it not always?) which makes us making move two.. that is discontinue to offer payment alternative for Visa and MasterCard through our provider Nets/Netaxept!

Providing card payment alternative is of more cost than one care to admit, you need to pay quite a few involved to make it work in a secure and propper manner. In our case there is 4 “players” that will eat into the cost – Provider – monthly, Bank – monthly, Webshop – monthly and yearly (two separate costs)!

We need to narrow this down and the choice for us is PayPal! (this is now in effect in the webshop!)

This will boil down to that we only offer PayPal payment for customers outside Sweden and it is known to us that some countries have trouble completing purchase  in our webshop with this alternative…!
This issue is of course not good but during the years these preventive measurements could be taken of you as customers – regarding your PayPal account:
1. Check with your bank that it is “ok” for net purchase – outside your country, there has been issues with Banks in USA that have their cards blocked from net buy outside USA and is easily altered through your bank-customer service.

2.Verify your PayPal account – done through PayPal.

3. Have address and other info valid and up to date – done through PayPal.


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2 Responses to Changes in sales..!

  1. Yankee5 says:

    Will you accept Paypal for Swe customers too ?

    • tacupgear says:

      Thank you for your comment Yankee5, As of now we still offer payment alternatives through Klarna Checkout (A great solution) but!! during autumn 2014 we will make changes and revert and only offer PayPal also for Swedish customers.. The reason why we do not have this today is that Klarna Checkout is not compatible with PayPal.. if it were then we would surley have it today! I hope this was answer to your question! //Martin