Hidden Knife Pocket!

Hidden Knife Pocket!

The true story behind the hidden knife pocket or holder on our Field Trouser M90K Desert!

Sitting down to start designing the Field trouser M90K Desert features I wanted to start with a clean sheet and what is better than to ask around about such stuff amongst friends and professionals?

During this session that unfolded for a few days i came in contact with a veteran ( a friend ) that had some memories from the BA01 mission, the first Swedish (Armed Forces) peace keeping mission to war torn Bosnia in the early 90´s.

He confided to me the stark realities of the situation at that time but also the resourcefulness of the Swedish soldier!
Among many things he mentioned was the sewing in of the scabbard of a knife in the lover part of the trousers, hidden and secure under the ankle zipper that runs all the way up to the knee on the field trousers. Hidden, shielded and yet accessible in a sitting position!

The thought struck me I wanted to implement this into the Field Trouser M90K Desert and so started to try figure out a small holder / pocket design for a small knife.

I had this small light neck-knife lying around that i decided would be the preferred size

One of the questions was how the knife should be fastened!?
A too long and narrow pocket to press it down in was not what I had in mind and the design ended up with a shallower pocket just to hold the first quarter of the sheet and then a complementing flat band with snap button to secure the handle.

I must be noted that speed to draw the knife or any other tool was never a focus, rather the focus lay on having it secured and possibly….just possibly be skipped over by inexperienced foes in a fast run down visitation over the boot and ankle!

Being called “knife-pocket” it should not end there… it could be used for a range of things only you can come up with, perhaps you are seated much in cramp conditions and you have pens there for easy access, perhaps you have a small rolled map there for escape and evasion purpose etc etc!

The trousers are available in the webshop!

Field Trousers M90K Desert knifepocket_1

Field Trousers M90K Desert knifepocket snapping it open!

Field Trousers M90K Desert knifepocket_2

Field Trousers M90K Desert knifepocket pulling the zipper…

Field Trousers M90K Desert knifepocket_3

Field Trousers M90K Desert knifepocket revealing.

Field Trousers M90K Desert knifepocket_4

Field Trousers M90K Desert knifepocket snapbutton clearly shown..

Field Trousers M90K Desert knifepocket_5

Field Trousers M90K Desert knifepocket snap open, untangle and grip!

Field Trousers M90K Desert knifepocket_6

Field Trousers M90K Desert knifepocket pull and good to go!

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