Camp Shorts M90K unique and sturdy

During the years we have had many requests regarding shorts in M90K desert and now we got them!

I must admit they where on the planning table for quite some time before being able to get idea to product… during this period others on the market beat me to it
making it all look as we where trying to match their product… Not so ladies and gentlemen! As always we go our own way and twist it all up!

Instead of having shorts made by de-legging our Field Trousers M90K Desert we started out with what features and benefits we wanted on the shorts that could be of joy for the wearer and promptly re-wrote the product.

Take the pockets for example – Cargo and no cargo and lots of them to hold all your stuff from small items to lager ones! Zipper pockets for mini or valuable items or button pockets for the cargo type. No need for suspenders or holders for the same when we added large belt loops for your favorite belt or why not our Expedition Belt!

A D-ring at each of the sides was added because you then could attach your knife, keys or other stuff using a carbine hook. The importance of the fabric was also taken in consideration and the one we choose is made in RipStop excellent for hot environment and feels smooth against your skin, the looseness in the crotch area is to get the air flowing for comfort.

The main waist pockets are lined with reinforced netting fabric that also helps went hot air out and there was also the question of zipper or button fly..
We opted for zipper on the model and it worked out great, making them easy to get on or off in such tropical heat that the fabric sticks to your skin and getting tight garments off will give you that wet suit claustrophobic feeling!

The shorts are now released in the webshop and the general response has been thumbs up!
What do you think?

Full focus on M90K Desert Shorts

Full focus on M90K Desert Shorts

Shorts with a view over the ocean

Desert Shorts with a view

Shorts Photoshoot

Shorts Photoshoot 2015

Standing during photoshoot

During Photoshoot

Taking a break

Taking a break while trekking

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