Beautiful Norway

Another great display of customer feedback was sent in to us the other day from Mattias H that recently visited Jotunheimen in Norway!
Seen in the pictures are various products both present and old stuff which i was told worked well in the harsh environment.

Jotunheimen has peaks reaching over the 2000-meter mark in beautiful Norway and it is clearly a fantastic view from up there!

Mattias also made a  note regarding wishing to see a Gen2 of the NCWR Jacket, the one he  had was after 3 years of hard service no longer an item of choice and so I have added this to my list of products i also would want to see in the shop in the future.

Many thanks Mattias for sending in your pictures it looks like you had a refreshing tour up in the mountains!
For you that are looking for or bags and sacks please visit the Fieldgear section in the webshop.


View over beautiful Jotunheimen Norway 2016


TUG bags and sack for clothes and food etc – Jotunheimen Norway 2016


Field Boonie Hat M90 in display – Jotunheimen Norway 2016

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