Norwegian Elite!

Norwegian Elite!

Sometime ago and doing nothing the screen om my mobile flickered and i had just got yet another an email.. or so i thought!

I checked it out and it was regarding an inquiry about a product but I had to read it twice because at the bottom the footer stated it was from the Norwegian Armed forces which was totally new and unheard of from my 11 year journey with TUG!

Reading the mail a third time i realized that this was no fake contact, mind you there has been quite a few bogus and weird mails similar or along the same line through the duration of the TUG company “saga” (why such are sent is beyond me but there you go) but this was the “real McCoy”, a contact beyond borders!

How on earth did this happen, why would NAF contact the mini company TUG i thought!? but I of course became very intrigued and excited and answered up on the mail in a swift manner, this was real interesting stuff!

The communication continued back and forth during several days and the more the mail conversation got going deeper it fast became apparent that this was an elite unit with operators in need of “off the shelves” item and could I/TUG assist?
Would I ship to Norway?  Well … ehh.. does Davy Crockett have a fury hat? 😉
I love our next door neighbors in the west! The national day of Norway is the 17 of May and it is always in our news and even celebrated in Stockholm (at least). Have you ever seen such beautiful and friendly country as Norway? (If not visit ASAP!) so of course i wanted to help!

Now! many of you i am sure would like more fancy details about what they needed and so forth..! Yes I started saying A and now not B etc but as a discretion towards them and my business this is where that info ends for the public… But there is a bigger point to this story i promise, so read on to the end!

During the years i have changed my approach to all that contact me regarding being on the look out for certain products either old TUG kit or if i know where /at what company to find the specific product or similar items. Being in this tactical atmosphere every day at least creates some bearing towards “who got what” or “did they not have that stuff some years ago” etc and well… others make darn good stuff and plenty of it! so from one time to another people ask me if i know where to get it.

If i have the knowledge of were to find an item through another webshop i will then share it even if it means a loss in sale (read any sale) for my part, i am sure this is filed under “How not to make you prosper and conduct business” in some of the “How to do Sale” books but it is a personal and principal thing and i will keep doing it!

Anyway, to reconnect to the story this was exactly what had happened but reversed, like a “goes around comes around” thingy. The Norwegian Armed Forces elite force had of course had contact with normal suppliers first (as i understand it) and “yey and behold” one of them pointed in Tac-Up Gear´s direction, contact was made and well, the rest is history!

Ok so the business was probably a “one time off” and was nothing super extraordinary (so keep your pantyhose on!), perhaps nothing to overly brag about but… for me personally (and of course for TUG) it was a “check” on that it pays off to help others and Maaan.. how cool was this whole episode for micro Tac-Up Gear anyway!!

So help each other even if it is a loss on your part at that exact moment, who knows it might come back to you times 10!… in the dark.. from operators.. in need of gear… just kidding, you´ll get my drift! 😉

As you can see some of them send me patches as a friendly gesture and well, yes i collect them! Some are asked for, some times traded and some just turn up which is great and i am ever grateful to be able to display the trust in receiving them!


Short “clip” unboxment – Norwegian Elite


Norway Elite Force Kystjegerkommandoen

Norwegian Elite Kystjegerkommandoen!

Sent in, traded and generally asked for patches from professional associates and customers! AUS Federal Police, Snigeldesign, Kystjegerkommandoen, Strike-Hold, Canada, Kustjägarna!

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