Story of the Apron M90K Desert

Story of the Apron M90K Desert

Why this usable item is a total sales flop i do not know… could it be it is not captured alright in the pictures?
It is a really nice item in adult one size, great as a present! Use when you bake or at the BBQ. Two front pockets and 2 front loops keeps your bottle opener and grill tools, adjustable neckband… and guess what! this Apron is only available at the webshop Tac-Up Gear.

The design is made from scratch and the M90K desert colors gives it another unique twist.
The story of making the Apron was easy, i read on the net of a person who had made a apron in camouflage to surprise his friends at a Army reunion party and thought it would be nice with a own M90k version… to my surprise the customers are mostly foreigners so I guess the Desert colors are not generally accepted in Sweden yet.. Possibly one in green M90 would be preferred?



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