M90 T-Shirt Green Nyances Light or dark?

M90 Green Nyances Light or dark?

Ok so this is about the difference in the colors of the green variant of the M90 camouflage.
A lot of people do not care if trousers hat and jacket do not exactly match as long as it is overall green and others demands a exact color match!

We thought it would be easy but it is extremely difficult to produce different batches of exactly the same coloration therefore the Tac-Up Gear M90 nuance’s wary in coloration from product to product.
it depends on what fabric being printed, what printing method, what actual manufacturer that is doing the job and so on!

We soon after starting this business dropped the thought of nuance for our M90 products because it was never possible to get same coloration from different suppliers and manufacturers.
During the years many different shades of green and desert M90 has been produced in our shop and if being fair so has the Swedish Armed Forces!

Customers contact us from time to time regarding this matter and during the years this issue has matted down some what and color differance amongst our M90 products are now more accepted.

So to wrap this up, you will experience different color for our products in the webshop!

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Original M90 T-shirt from Tac-Up Gear

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