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Bushcraft Gloves – Skin 2 Skin the love for gloves

Have you ever looked down on your hands and matter of factly concluded that they are shafed by hard labour? Even labour you thought would do nothing to your hands and you are amazed over the extent of the “injury”!
You only planned for som gardening, perhaps cutting the grass or getting those leafs together in a pile or some of
you that just rushed to that tactical situation and no gloves was worn… well you pay the prize and it will affect your next action or rather your ability to help out!

Humans have always considered their hands as a valued piece, a survival tool needed as much as water. much have changed but i guess you also today use your hands on computers and fingers for smart phone? well a cut or a bruise will immediately make you think twice to use that hand digit until it has healed and basically you are licking your wounds until you feel you are back on track and can operate and function without pain.

Sometime during evolution protective measures was taken for sure, covering the hands, shielding them, and skipping thousands of years we today call them gloves! A loved extra layer or two to protect your hand and fingers sometime from the cold and sometimes from heat and others well… for wear and tear and to place that little extra layer between you and another surface!

Tac-Up Gear had from the outset a plan to incorporate gloves and to give them the nordic touch and feel to their design as we “northerners” feel is a good design. When i started the company i felt gloves to be one of the goals to be able to provide to my customers.

Being in the forest or hiking brings out a special need for gloves, the nature (even in Sweden) is harsh, spiky and coarse and human hands are more evolved now for indoor use, sometimes the difference is just that thin extra layer that takes the brunt of the shafing! splinted wood, sharp sticks and stones and hot and cold, campfires and snow all is more manageable with gloves on!

Different situations requires different gloves, if you think one pair will solve all you problems lets think about that fo a moment and face it head on! Some gloves are for winter and some for summer that is the no brainer but even in those categories there are sub divisions like fingers or no fingers, thick lining or micro lining or why not no lining at all or why not weightlifting or cycling or watersports or desert.

Even though warm weather do not immediately resonate with worn gloves the operator knows better, wearing them 24/7 on OP´s! well then, (some of) you say, we aren´t operators but mere outdoor interested folks..! Yes sure ok no problem, so you are hiking? possibly with a cane or stick like a Säpp (Swedish hiking stick) or you move around in the thick forest or open Lapland scenery? Well you may also benefit from a good set of gloves!

TUG has just released its latest gloves which focus on this specific topic, walking / hiking / forest etc, meet the new Bushcraft glove, a forest-man or woodsman glove that will be perfect for spring to autumn wear! The exclusive yellow goat skin gloves that will transform your hand in an instant to a working tool not daunted by the sticky forest!

Discover the joy of having an extra layer on your hands when breaking wood for the fire, chopping with your axe, brushing branches apart and when handling warm things like the coffeepot close to the campfire! Increase your ability to move freely in the woods or plains with a pair of excellent skin to skin gloves because you are surely worth them and will make you feel free!

The Bushcraft glove is made in 100% Goat skin and has a unique design were the look and feel has the nordic touch to it! These gloves have no lining and being of leather they will adapt and mold to your hands and if treated right will last years to come!
Grab the opportunity to own a pair of exclusive hand protectors for your adventures and discover the joy of a second skin!

Always when it comes to leather i like to treat it with “WILMAS Kängskosmorning” that carries the smell of marshland, tar and fire, the real laplandic smell! Excellent for black and darker gloves gloves it can also be used on the Bushcraft gloves but will darken the color a bit because WILMA´s is brownish in color from the can, however i treasure this change in appearance and will give the gloves a patina, and basically yellow leather gloves used in the forest will be somewhat colored by charcoal, the handle from the open fire frying pan or coffee pot etc anyway so don’t be discouraged by this, leather gloves will show usage and become a part of you it is one of the beauty with leather gloves!

Our limited production of this glove make it a one off design so hurry to get your pair in the webshop!
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Fashionable look and feel!

Fashionable look and feel!

Double layer in palm for extra durability!

Double layer in palm for extra durability!

Smooth goat leather

Smooth goat leather!

A tab for hanging and extra layer to use when pulling them on!

A tab for hanging and extra layer to use when pulling them on!

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