Return of the Officer Glove

Return of the Officer Glove If you have followed TUG through the years you might remember the “Officer Glove”..! No.. cannot remember? Well here comes the story and the presentation of the latest design of this glove! Back in the day: In the early 90´s there was this black leather… Continue reading

OPPO “Knock Knock” Glove!

OPPO KK Glove Black facing top up clearly showing finger and knuckle protection.

OPPO “Knock Knock” Glove! New release in the webshop! the brand new KK Glove… A few weeks back we had a post regarding the original OPPO Glove and its return and the result became two designs. We wanted to recreate our original OPPO Glove but ended up with two versions!… Continue reading

OPPO – Return of a lost friend!

Black Oppo Glove and Green glove

OPPO – Return of a lost friend! The OPPO Glove story and its possible return! A few years back gloves with “attitude” seemed to pop up all over the tactical world, the use of knuckle protection was suddenly in focus (and later the finger ventilation) and we lacked the same… Continue reading