Return of the Officer Glove

Return of the Officer Glove

If you have followed TUG through the years you might remember the “Officer Glove”..! No.. cannot remember? Well here comes the story and the presentation of the latest design of this glove!

Back in the day:
In the early 90´s there was this black leather glove provided to servicemembers of the Swedish Armed Forces, the glove could often be bought on the different regiments so if the issued ones were lost you could redeem yourself and buy a new pair which were then returned (instead of the lost pair) to the depot when the service ended.
They were so popular that many bought a pair to use to civilian attire and they were easily spotted by the small color size code label sticking out on one side

Now, the 90´s gloves were made in black smooth sheep skin in a full open palm (no extra layers) with thin fleece lining and elastic cuff. I had a pair for many, many years but as with all things that are used a lot they have in the end used up all of its worth and after 17 years, well they weren´t themselfs no more.

Deciding for TUG to have a similar glove:
About that period in time i decided to have a similar glove made and chose to call it “Officer Glove”, basically what separated the 90´s gloves from this one was the use of black cowhide and how the gloves seams were placed, also the TUG gloves featured the three stripes on top of the glove seen on many finer type of gloves for ladies and gentlemen to give the upper a bit of texture and stricter look.

The Officer glove became quite popular and in the end all were sold out and the product became somewhat forgotten even if i must say some people asked for it to come back a few times. Towards the stock depletion there were only larger sizes left and this discouraged  many with smaller sizes for normal wear but this type of glove is made for autumn/winter the wearer should choose one size up to get a millimeter looser fit around hand and fingers to get a air layer as extra buffert for warmth.

Officer Glove latest design:
The latest design features for this glove include black cowhide with fleece lining and carries the traditional three seam-stripes design on top. An elastic cuff and additional elastic band keep the glove firmly around your wrist and a double real leather palm layer add to protect your hand from winds and wear.

At last:
This is truly a timeless piece of man (or woman) hand accessory that will be with you for years to come!
With extensive wear it will mold to your hands as any real leather gloves will and with the patina of usage and care you will have a great buddy for all autumn and mild winter days!

If the large label inside is irritating your wrist you might want to reduce it´s size!

Available in the webshop here!

The three traditional stripes on upper glove!

Double layer on palm and extra elastic at wrist!

Leather gloves for autumn and mild winter!

Wear often and the leather will form after your hand!

Shield your hands from wind and sleet!

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