Run Forrest, run! And the M90 MI

Run Forrest, run! And the M90 MI You have all seen the movie where Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump starts to run and don´t stop for years…. Well, to be honest, this post is not about the movie Forrest Gump but rather about training, running and the influence of the… Continue reading

Release of SPORTS LINE

Easy movement!

Release of TUG SPORTS LINE! The latest major step for us is the release of our new line of gear – SPORTS! Yes, we now add sports as category to the otherwise military and outdoor focused baseline, but do not worry, the sports line will be heavily military style influenced… Continue reading

How to use the Field Tarp/Poncho M90

Field tarp Poncho M90 in poncho mode

How to use the Field Tarp/Poncho M90 The Tap/Poncho was a project thought up by Tac-Up Gears creator Martin which wanted to incorporate a tarp, bivybag and pocho into one product. The result became a thicker, sturdier and heavier piece than are usually found on the market. The product is… Continue reading

Return of the Officer Glove

Return of the Officer Glove If you have followed TUG through the years you might remember the “Officer Glove”..! No.. cannot remember? Well here comes the story and the presentation of the latest design of this glove! Back in the day: In the early 90´s there was this black leather… Continue reading

Baseball Cap Multicam´ish Gen2

Now in stock the generation 2 of our Multicam´ish Baseball Cap. In regards to our earlier similar cap which became quite popular you will now find these features: – There is no longer a “button” at the top which will make it easier or more comfy to use with protectors…. Continue reading

Connecting the dots….!

Connecting the missing dots!

Connecting the dots….! Connecting the dots so to speak for a project is not always such a small feat, and when you start digesting the idea it inflates and can feel overwhelming at times but it is not impossible. The idea that at first sounded so simple requires in the… Continue reading